Previous events

Ensemble CV 2008 - 2017


August 2017 - Pinquins (duo) visited Disko Arts Festival, Ilulissat/Oqaasut, Greenland, as artists in residence 

June 2017 - Pinquins Concert #10: "The Centre is Everywhere" @ Nynorskens Hus, Oslo 

May/June 2017 - Concerts with MoE in Oslo, Elverum and Sweeden 

April 2017 - Pinquins at the John Grant's North Atlantic Flux: Sounds from Smokey Bay festival, Hull, UK 

March 2017 - School concerts in Hordaland

October 2016 - Cycle Festival for Music and Art, Kópavogur, Iceland

June 2016 - Blurred Edges Festival, Hamburg, Germany

June 2016 - Pinquins Concert #9: "Trio de Danse" @ Sentralen, Oslo

October 2015 - Pinquins Concert #8: (W)HOLE - concerts in Oslo and Trondheim

September 2015 - Nordic Music Days, Copenhagen - "Skulptur" by Eyvind Guldbrandsen

September 2015 - Le noir de létoile - Concert at ULTIMA, Collaboration with Sisu Percussion Ensemble

August 2015 - Cycle Festival for Music and Art, Kópavogur, Iceland 

March 2015 - Concert in Manchester and Cardiff, Collaboration with Curated Place & Jack White

February 2015 - Klassisk Nærkontakt, Pinquins soloists with the Norwgian Radio Orchestra

May 2014 - Only Connect Festival in Oslo

April 2014 - Pinquins concert #7 - "Stein, saks, ballong"

November 2013 - Europe tour. Concerts in Belgium, Germany, Netherlands and Denmark.

August 2013 - UNM festival in Oslo

June 2013 - Pinquins concert #6 - produced by Pinquins.

June 2013 - Only Connect Festival in Oslo.

December 2012 - The-Mus Festival in Gothenburgh, Sweden.

November 2012 - Tour in the eastern part of Norway. Together with percussion duo "En er1"

August 2012 -  Pinquins concert #5 - produced by Pinquins. Johanne Byhring is new member of the ensemble, replacing Wendy Greenberg.

May 2012 -  Concert in Tromsø, Norway. Australian tour.

December 2011 - Pinquins concert #4 - produced by Pinquins. Together with flutist Yumi Murakami.

March 2011 - Pinquins concert #3 - produced by Pinquins. They premiere their three first commisioned pieces by young Norwegian composers.

November 2010 - Pinquins starts touring with The Norwegian Concert Institute's school program. They still go on tour around Norway with this production twice a year.

September 2010 - Brass Wind Festival in Bergen

August 2010 - Øya Festival in Oslo - together with Brandt Brauer Frick (DE)

June 2010 - Pinquins concert #2 - produced by Pinquins

May 2010 - Bergen International Festival

February 2010 - Pinquins collaborate with The Norwegian Academy of Music to arrange "Scandinavian Percussion Days".

November 2009 - "Debut concert" (Pinquins concert #1) in Oslo and a small tour in the Oslo area.

September 2009 - Pinquins plays "Drumming" by Steve Reich together with Kroumata (SE) and Sisu (NO) at the Ultima Contemporary Music Festival in Oslo

August 2008 - Pinquins is founded and the trio has its first concert in relation to The Norwegian Academy of Music. Members: Sigrun Rogstad Gomnæs, Wendy Greenberg and Ane Marthe Sørlien Holen.